Spotter - Kids Balance Bike

Spotter Kids Balance Bicycle is made from eco-friendly Bamboo. It has been developed with a vision to make this Earth a cleaner, greener & healthier Planet!

By purchasing our Bamboo based 'Hand Made' product you would be contributing in a big way in reducing the carbon emissions thus making the environment less polluted for you and your future generations.


Bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable material which we prefer calling ‘natural steel’. Apart from the primary characteristic of it being environmentally friendly, it comes with astonishing tensile strength making it stronger and robust than most other materials and thus can be a natural replacement for the metals used to manufacture such products. The secret of such strength lies in the hollow and tubular structure of Bamboo. Additionally, it has an incredibly rapid growth cycle which results in absorbing enormous quantities of Carbon-dioxide and in return releasing Oxygen, thus, making it a ‘Carbon Negative’. Thus, with such an amazing alternative available, we are aiming at reducing the use of steel, aluminium and other metals to a maximum extent possible in all our products.

Product Description:

Product Dimentions :

Length : 30"

Width : 7. 5"

Height : 12"

Weight : Around 3.8 Kgs

Colour : Teak & Brown

Colour Map : Teak & Brown

Size : Kids


Material type : BAMBOO COMPOSITE


Model Number : BMKBBVI

Number of pieces : Four (4)

Assembly Required : Yes

Batteries Required : No

Remote Control Required : NO

Item Weight : Around 3.8 kgs

Size : Kids

Product Dimension : L-30", W- 7.5", H-12"

Manufacturers suggested minimum age : 1 Year

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